Looking for the best used cars to buy right now?

If you are in the market right this very minute for the best used cars to buy, you’ve probably found that there are literally thousands and thousands of different choices to select from in your local area alone – and hundreds of thousands of automobiles available across the United States on car auction websites.

Trying to find that perfect used car for your specific needs can feel like it’s almost impossible on the surface, which is why you want to pay attention to the inside information below for not only finding the best used cars to buy today – but also setting yourself up for a great deal in the process!

Get a loan (or at least preapproved) before you search for the best used cars to buy

Long before you even consider looking for the best used cars to buy, you’re going to want to try and get a loan or at least preapproved for a loan.

Not only is this going to give you an extra bit of leverage when it comes time to negotiate for different deals on your new used car (and we’re talking about a lot of extra leverage here), but it’s also going to give you a “red line in the sand” and that you will stick to when you are looking at different prices for used cars.

Too often, we decide on a specific budget that we are going to try to stick to just as best we can – only to blow that budget up when we find the used car of our dreams available for just a few thousand dollars extra. But when you’ve been preapproved, you’re much more likely to stick to that final number then go above it.

General tips for finding the best used cars to buy right now

As far as searching for the best used cars to buy right now goes, you’re going to want to lean on the Internet to find the very best deals in your local area and beyond.

EBay has a huge online automobile selection to choose from, and there are other websites like Autotrader.com that can link you to used car deals, new car deals, and just about all of the information and research you’d ever need. On top of that, Craigslist often times has fantastic deals on some of the best used cars to buy right now – so make sure that you’re checking that out as well.

Some of the best used cars to buy today

When it comes to actual makes and models of the best used cars to buy today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any manufacturers that have better offerings than Ford, Honda, and Toyota.


Regardless of whether or not you decide to slide into a used Ford Focus or Tauris, check out there Explorer or Escape SUV line, or need the power and performance of an F1 50, Ford makes some of the best used cars to buy today. Relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and repair, and a dream to drive, this is definitely a manufacturer that you’ll want to look closely at.


Honda is basically legendary for their automobiles that never seem to break down, which is why you will find so many of their cars available on “best used cars to buy” lists. Whether it’s a Honda Civic, Honda Ridgeline, or Honda Pilot – or anything in between – you should find a great deal on these great cars.


Toyota has been producing smart vehicles for over 40 years, amazingly efficient, very, very stylish, and with an attractive price tag that is hard to pass up – making them some of the best used cars to buy today!