Finding The Most Affordable Used Cars Online

Where can you find affordable used cars online? There are many places where you can accomplish that—but, not all of those places work for all used car buyers.

Though, the options are out there. So many options exist for prospective used car buyers on the web that it’s hard to just pin down one as the most effective option. Or, even the best option. Of course, there’s no single best option for buying affordable used cars. There are, however, good options that line up with what you want out of your used car buying experience.

A lot of sites exist on the web, many solely focused on connecting used car sellers to buyers. Through these sites, buyers can connect with private sellers, individual dealers and authorized dealers to find a car deal that matches with what they need the most: a good, used car that’s perfect for them.

So, where can you find these ‘perfect’ used cars? Well, that’s simple: anywhere your search takes you. Though, in this case, we’re going to take a look at a handful of sites where you can probably end up finding many of the most affordable used cars online.

Sites to find the most affordable used cars online

You’re not going to find your ‘dream’ car right away, but these sites are pretty good for helping make that happen. So, if you’re about to start looking or are in the middle of a search, you can’t really go wrong with using these sites.

As an aggregate of many used car websites, should be your first stop when searching for affordable used cars online. The used car aggregator currently collects listings from many used car sites, including,, Cars Direct, eBay Motors, Craigslist and much more.

One of the best things about this site is that it’s pretty simple to use. Most people just visit the site to find the listing they’re looking for—and, they don’t have to step foot anywhere else, until they’re ready to buy.

AutoTrader is another used car aggregate, this time aggregating a far larger quantity of used car listings than the aforementioned site. In fact, the site is known to aggregate up to 3 million vehicle listings from over 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private owners—and, those figures accounted for just one location.

So naturally, AutoTrader is one of the most used car listing aggregates on the web. With its simple, yet robust search engine, there’s a reason why a lot of people turn to this site first. takes a more traditional classifieds-like approach to searching for used and new vehicles on the web, since it’s known to list many car listings from print publications across the country. Of course, it also allows sellers to directly post listings online, which pretty much expands the available inventory of listings they have. One of the best things about is their strong affliction with local, authorized dealers. That makes the site one of the best sources to find local certified used car dealers in your area.

CarsDirect is another good web source to find affordable used cars online. The search engine is especially noted for being rather fleshed out, allowing users to search most available parameters to get their search down to a few choice vehicles. Thanks to their big database and great search engine, searching for affordable used cars on CarsDirect is pretty easy… so, you can’t really rule this site out.

Everyone knows eBay—but, they don’t know about eBay Motors as much as they would like to know about it. The Motors-centric part of eBay is mainly auction based, so you will be bidding on choice vehicles on your area if you choose to attempt to get the car. Of course, even if you are bidding on the car, it’s a good idea to talk with the seller about test driving the car itself. The search there is just as good as the main site, so you won’t have any trouble finding the car you need.