Are Certified Used Cars for You?

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ve never had so many options to explore. This is true in terms of the actual number of vehicles out there to choose from and the number of avenues you can take to buy them. However, you already know this is certainly a mixed blessing if you’ve already tried to purchase on. One way to narrow the field and save money is considering certified used cars. But you may be wondering, who buys used cars? Keep Reading to find out.

Who Buys Used Cars?

The simple answer to, “who buys used cars?” is just about everyone. Data shows that well over 40 million people purchase a used car each year. In fact, the lowest that number has been in 14 years is 35.5 million and that was right in the middle of the recession when chances are no one was buying much of anything.

However, that number would jump up 14% over the following three years, so it’s not as though they’re still in the dirt.

Anyone who buys used cars now face a new temptation though. Better warranties. How does that play a role? Well over the past decade or so, a number of car companies have come forward with some of the best warranties we’ve ever seen. Hyundai is a perfect example. They offered their now famous, 10 year, 100,000 mile power train warranty. So? Well it means people were willing to take care of their car better because it was always under warranty to do so. And that means they simply didn’t need to be someone who buys used cars.

Keep in mind, too, a warranty like Hyundai’s guaranteed the service would be handled by the dealer too. It’s not as though these cars were being patched together with aftermarket products.

Aside from not becoming a person who buys used cars, these warranties also made people who didn’t sell them. Again, to use Hyundai as an example, only those who purchased one and then came into a lot of disposable income later would possibly sell a car with such an amazing warranty.

Nonetheless, if you’re in the market, you can save a lot of money by buying used. But only if you keep your consideration to certified used cars.

The Difference of Certified Used Cars

As I touched on earlier, the market is diverse and almost overwhelming for those who want a new car and this is especially true for buying used. Thanks to the Internet, you can buy from a number of different sellers and thus see a large degree of variance in the price range.

But your best route will be certified used cars. That’s because these vehicles, while used, are basically as good as new in terms of their capabilities. They’ll still have the extra mileage from their former life, but certified used cars undergo inspection from the manufacturer and are only put up for sale after they’ve been signed off on.

So certified used cars will endure professional inspections and refurbishments before they are certified to be resold. Plus, you get a much more affordable price than purchasing the vehicle new.

Mercedes-Benz and Lexus were actually the first two car manufacturers to offer certified used models. Since then just about everyone has followed suit given how popular demand has become for this option.

So if you’re tentative about purchasing a used car, keep in mind you’re far from alone. Tens of millions of people opt for that route every year and two of the most luxurious companies in the entire world jumped on board with the certified used cars program.